Thursday, August 5, 2010

"The Blind Side"...

A quick note about The Blind Side, which I happened to see on Friday, July 30, at Bethesda's Annual Summer Film Fest, "Stars on the Avenue," in the heart of this marvelous town, boasting the most restaurants per square feet of any locale in the country. It's an appropriate town to screen The Blind Side since, besides its progressive leanings, the father of the film's featured family was a successful restaurateur!

The film is based on a heartwarming true story about a family -- the Tuohy's from the Republican part of Memphis -- that adopts "Big Mike" (i.e., Mike Oher) from the Memphis projects and how, building on what his mother put into him, Michael is gradually transformed with education, encouragement and love, into a football star. This amazingly inspiring film is based on the book by Michael Lewis. And now I know why it won an Oscar (i.e., "Best Actress" for Sandra Bullock's performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy, who rescues Michael).

Last winter when I was getting friends together for Run-up to the Oscars movie get-togethers -- a tradition I began in 2003, when I organized the first one to cheer up a filmloving friend, suffering from Lou Gehrig's, who has since died -- we decided to see Crazy Heart, the film starring Jeff Bridges, instead of The Blind Side. Bridges, mirroring Bullock, was receiving all the awards for Best Actor (Golden Globes, SAG, etc.) And, now the picture is complete!